Tuesday, 5th January - Welcome Back!

Welcome to the start of a rather odd term! The announcement from the Prime Minister last night has not really effected us here at St Lawrence School, we are continuing to make the best of a situation which, in reality, is a challenge for all of us. But in the words of the song we all enjoy singing, we need to remind ourselves to....

'Count our blessing, name them one by one.'


I am in school today with a small group of key worker children. It's a rather grey day, although we have had some impressive, but not lasting, snow showers. My thoughts and prayers are with everyone whether in school or at home. It was really lovely to see so many children, and some parents, at worship this morning when we celebrated Epiphany (the arrival of the Kings) by looking at a 400 year old painting in the National Gallery and our own 'Three Kings', with added scenery from Molly.

I look forward to seeing you again at whole school singing at 1.00pm on Thursday.

Mrs Saunders


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