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Frequently Asked Questions about Admissions

We receive many questions about admissions. Here are some that are most frequently asked.

Can I apply for a place before I move into the area?
You are welcome to make enquiries and are advised to do so, but your application will be considered on the basis of a CURRENT home address. For a change of address to be considered, proof of rental or exchange of contract must be provided.

How are places allocated?
If the school has more places available than applications received, all children will be offered a place. However, if there are more applications than places available places will be allocated according to the published admissions criteria for the school.

The admissions criteria for St Lawrence CE Primary School are, in priority order;

  1. Children in the care of Kent County Council and children who have been adopted from Care
  2. Current family association (a brother or sister in the school at the time of entry, where the family continues to live at the same address as when the sibling was admitted or has moved to a new property within two miles, via the shortest walking route, of the school)
  3. Health and Special Access reasons (Children who for reasons of health or physical impairment need to attend a particular school)
  4. Nearness of children’s home to school (measured in a straight line).

What are my chances of my child getting a place at the school?
To get some idea of the position, ask the headteacher the following:

  • Was the school over-subscribed last year?
  • If so, did all the local children get a place?
  • How many children did not get places?

Why wouldn’t my child get a place?
When there are more requests for places than there are spaces available and where other children had a stronger claim to a place than your child.

What happens if my child does not get a place at the school?
You should apply to other nearby schools to see if they still have vacancies. If you are unable to find a place, please contact your Education Office for help.

Can my child’s name go on an admissions waiting list?
YES — If you wish your child’s name to be kept on a waiting list in case a vacancy occurs, you should let the school know. If a place becomes available it will be offered, according to the school’s admissions criteria.

You can appeal between 16 April and 14 May 2020. Due to the updated guidance from Department for Education, the need for appeals to be heard within a specific timescale has been removed, however your appeal will be heard as quickly as possible. Your appeals clerk will contact you directly to let you know when your appeal will be heard For more information click here.

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