Beech Class

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                                                  Mrs Jones is the Class Teacher for Beech Class.

world book day

Next Thursday (7th March) is World Book Day. To celebrate this we are inviting the children (and staff!) to come to school dressed up as a character from a book (no Disney outfits please!) and to bring the book with them if this is possible. We would ask each child to make a donation of £1 (minimum) towards the Charmain fund. On a day which celebrates the world of books it seems appropriate to raise funds that will help send a child to school.

Your child has come home today with a voucher for World Book Day. You can choose to spend this in a bookshop or we will also be accepting them in part payment for any books at the next travelling book fair which is on 27th March.


Spring Term

We have had a very busy and exciting half term so far!  Some highlights include Speed Stacking at Knole Academy, our first netball match and Year 6 have started their climbing every fortnight at Sevenoaks School. 


Our class topic this term is The Tudors!   Parents, if you have any resources or books that you think may be useful for our topic, please do let us know or send them in.   We are becoming talented authors, whilst also developing our passion for writing. 

IMPORTANT REQUEST - to support your child's passion for writing, it would be really helpful if they have a small basic literacy toolkit in school which includes a blue pen to write with (fountain pen preferable, not a biro or ballpoint pen), some highlighters and a rubber of their own.  Many thanks!


Our Power of Reading book is 'Treason'. We have been studying characters closely, especially the terrifying Aunt Carew.  The children have been getting into role as Aunt Carew and have written a letter in character.  Parents, do pop into the classroom to see our letters on display.

Image result for treason book


Speak to your child about CPA (concrete, pictorial, abstract)! Or click here for a full explanation.

We have been using different approaches to make sure we have a full understanding of our maths concepts. 

Topics we are covering in maths this half term: fractions, decimals and percentages and nets of 3D shapes.


In science we are learning about circulation and the heart.  The children have the challenge of finding the best Tudor sport for King Henry VIII (who has been putting on weight) to take part in to keep him fit, based on their knowledge of circulation.  


Home Learning


Home learning journals will be collected in on Tuesdays and given out on Thursdays or Fridays.

Reading, spelling practice and times tables practice should be happening throughout the week, preferably every day. This is included on the pick and mix menu as well so that more stars can be earned! Please encourage your child to note down what they have done each week.

Look out for your child's Touch Type Read and Spell and Times Tables Rock Stars (both TTRS, just to confuse you!) login details in their home learning book.  They can login to both of these at home.  We are very lucky to have these tools to support your child's skills development, please do encourage them to practice.

Times Tables Rock Stars:

Touch, Type, Read and Spell:


We practice our personalised spelling words in class three times a week using a cued spelling approach. More information here:

Alongside this, the children have a list of words to learn each week and they will have an opportunity to demonstrate the words they have learned on a Monday. These words will go home in their red spelling book each week. Please ensure these spelling books come back into school every Monday so that the children can note down their new words. THIS WILL ONLY APPLY TO YEAR 5 THIS HALF TERM (FEB TO APRIL) - YEAR 6 BOOKS WILL BE KEPT IN SCHOOL.

Please click here to see all the year 5 and 6 statutory words the children need to be able to read and spell by the end of Year 6.  Children should also be able to read and spell all the year 3 and 4 statutory words. These can also be practiced at home.

PE and sport

We are very excited to be offering rock climbing, mountain biking, football, hockey and swimming for Beech Class on Friday afternoons. Please see the PE newsletter here for more information on dates.  Please ensure that PE kit and suitable outdoor trainers (different to field shoes) are in school. We are very excited about our whole school PE Friday and children can come into school in their PE kit on this day.

We are also very committed to achieving the recommended 30 minutes physical activity for children each day and every class, including Beech Class, are learning maths through Maths of the Day Active Maths each week.  Find out more here.